Why Re-Elect MC?

MC Keegan-Ayer is an integral part of the new Charter form of government here in Frederick County. She was elected in 2014 and 2018 to represent District 3: the western side of Frederick City and a small portion of the county. MC’s district encompasses diverse neighborhoods, like Baker Park, Hillcrest, Amber Meadows, Fort Detrick, Cloverhill 1, 2, and 3, Tuscarora Creek, Clover Ridge, North Crossing, Willowbrook, Homewood, Whittier.

MC’s constituents come from different countries, represent unique and vibrant cultures, and speak a variety of other languages. MC proudly embraces the diversity represented by all people living in her district and refers to her district as Frederick County’s own melting pot. MC loves the energy and vibrancy of having multi-generational and mutli-cultural constituents.

MC ran on a platform to change the tone of Frederick County government and the way our elected leaders engage with citizens in the decision-making process. She aimed to bring civility and respect back to the conversations and discussions. MC believes that the debate can be heated and full of passion but in the end, people should be able to agree to disagree. We need to keep the conversations focused on the issue and not get personal. She believes disagreements are sometimes the way to find better solutions. Under MC’s Presidency, the Council has been able to have solid, spirited debates yet work together to benefit all Frederick County residents.

MC actively engages people to speak about decisions that will impact their daily lives. MC works tirelessly to safeguard the people in Council District 3. She continues to work collaboratively with others to have constituents’ concerns addressed. MC believes residents should always have a visible role and voice in decision-making because it affects them and their families.

MC is an Advocate For Our Community

MC Keegan-Ayer has been involved in county issues, particularly those dealing with education, growth, and development, for over twenty-five years. Through her advocacy efforts and working collaboratively with the Board of Education and the Board of County Commissioners, she helped:

  • Secure funding for a new playground for Waverley Elementary School
  • Helped bring about the renovation of West Frederick Middle School
  • The rebuilding of Lincoln Elementary School and Frederick High School.
  • She began advocating for a new school to relieve the horrendous overcrowding at Hillcrest Elementary School.
  • As a result, the new Butterfly Ridge Elementary School opened in 2018.
  • MC worked with the County Executive to find funds to add the large gym to the school, allowing Frederick City’s Parks and Rec to operate programs for the benefit of the community.
  • As a result of her recent efforts, the new branch library for western Frederick City advanced five years earlier in the County Executive’s proposed CIP budget for the 2023 fiscal year.
  • She was instrumental in opening a COVID testing clinic on the Golden Mile, allowing area residents to walk to the testing when transportation proved challenging.
  • MC helped secure a mobile healthcare van to places along the Golden Mile to bring the COVID testing and vaccinations to help ensure better health metrics for Frederick County residents.

MC has earned her proven reputation as a strong advocate for our schools, our students, our communities, and all the residents of District 3. M.C. has shown she has the practical leadership skills necessary to continue to steer the Council as the government undergoes yet another change in leadership with the election of a new County Executive.



Successfully sponsored/passed legislation supporting businesses and job opportunities in District 3, including:

  • A bill establishing the Golden Mile Enterprise Zone making businesses eligible for certain tax credits that relocate or expand in that area or hire additional employees.
  • A bill providing a Small Business Tax Credit, making small businesses that relocate to or expand in Frederick County and hire additional employees eligible for certain tax credits;
  • A bill establishing a Commercial Business and Industrial Tax Credit.

Secured successful passage of budgets increasing school funding for:

  • The construction money to ease overcrowding and modernize schools in District 3 includes:
    • Butterfly Ridge Elementary School and the additional funding for the gym for community use
    • Frederick High School
    • Rock Creek School
    • Waverley Elementary School
  • Salary increases to retain and attract highly qualified teachers and staff
  • New technology and upgrades, including funding for Chromebooks and hot spots during the pandemic
  • New and innovative student programs include the LYNX program at Frederick High School.

M.C. has successfully sponsored and passed “green energy” legislation, including bills:

  • Permitting solar arrays on agricultural land under specific conditions while protecting our county’s most productive and valuable farmlands.
  • Requiring certain new homes in the county be built with a conduit system allowing for easy wiring or upgrade of EV charging equipment even after the house is complete.


Effectively responds to concerns and crises within her district:

  • Worked with the County Executive to get a testing clinic and vaccination clinic established on the Golden Mile to enable residents to have easier access to critical health care
  • Successfully secured visits from the Mobile Health-Care van to the western side of Frederick City to coordinate with food distribution efforts.
  • Collaborated with the County Executive to ensure information about food and housing support services were available to residents in District 3.
  • Enabled necessary information and assistance was made available to the non-profits and organizations working within specific communities in District 3.
  • Assisted County Executive and Administrative staff communicating with residents of Clover Hill about remediation efforts when flooding issues arose.
  • Worked with City elected officials to address unsafe walking conditions on Butterfly Lane for students and families attending Butterfly Ridge Elementary School.
  • Worked with FCPS to address dust, debris, flooding, and parking issues raised by residents in the vicinity of Butterfly Lane during the construction of Butterfly Ridge Elementary School.
  • Worked with residents in the community advocating for a branch library on the western side of Frederick City, with the opportunity to have this built several years ahead of schedule.

As the President of the Council, MC successfully secured votes necessary for approval of eight fiscally responsible budgets that fund critical needs, such as:

  • Hiring more emergency response personnel, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, EMTs, and 9-1-1 call takers
  • Addressing school overcrowding, renovation and program needs
  • Adding more libraries
  • Building additional county parks

All this while maintaining the current property tax rate and not increasing taxes!

As President of the County Council, MC ensures the County Council operates within its Rules and Procedures and according to the Charter and maintains regular order so that meetings can be productive, civil, and work can be completed promptly.

Benefiting All

MC voted to strengthen the county’s ethics laws, ensuring open and transparent government while maintaining public trust.

She supported the legislation to retain the county’s Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Home, honoring the terms of the original deed and keeping our promise to our seniors.

She serves on various community Boards and Commissions, including:

  • Senior Services Advisory Board – where she advocates for additional funding and programs which support Frederick County’s senior population, allowing them to remain in their homes longer and live healthier, high-quality lives.
  • The Frederick Community Action Agency – where she works to address issues relating to homelessness and poverty in Frederick County. She voted to increase funding for Community Partnership Grants, providing financing to Frederick County non-profit organizations to enable programming and direct services for vulnerable residents.
  • Containment Laboratory Community Advisory Committee (CLCAC) – where she monitors issues relating to containment labs in Frederick County, including Ft. Detrick. She continues to work to establish a registry of these labs with the state Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene in case of an emergency.
  • The Workforce Development Board – where she works with businesses, schools, and organizations in the community to provide training, mentoring, and other assistance to help residents find meaningful, gainful employment in Frederick County.
  • The Frederick County Board of Elections – where she serves as the liaison for the County to the Board.
  • Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) Legislative Committee and the Education Subcommittee (3 years), and the Land Use Subcommittee (4 years) – where she monitors legislation at the State level to ensure the best interests of Frederick County are protected and that Frederick County maintains control over local issues; elected President of the Women of MACO (August 2018), and is the current Treasurer serving on the Board of Directors.
  • MWCOG (Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments) – where she sits on the Chesapeake Bay and Water Resources Policy Committee, on the Region Forward Coalition, and the Energy and Environment Policy Committee.
  • National Associations of Counties – where she sits on the Energy, Environment, and Land Use Subcommittee.
  • Regularly attends the Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) meetings for the NACs in District 3 to hear first-hand from District 3 constituents.
  • Graduate of the University of Maryland School of Public Policy Leadership Academy 2019