Be the change you wish to see in the world

-Mahatma Gandhi

Who is MC?

MC moved to Frederick County more than 35 years ago with her husband, Brent Ayer. They have three children––all Frederick County Public Schools graduates–Brendan, Alex, and Brigid. MC was a part-time campaign office staffer for Congresswoman Beverly Byron after working for ten years on Capitol Hill. MC has also served on the homeowners’ board in her neighborhood in various roles, including President.

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    MC On The Issues Facing Frederick County

    • We passed the bill that overturned the English Only ordinance in Frederick County—I’m so proud to have been a co-sponsor of this critical bill!
    • We ensured ZERO county-property tax rate hikes.
    • We launched a mobile health unit that took testing and vaccination and healthcare information to the far reaches of our county.
    • We gained approval and funding to build schools to address overcrowding.
    • We have a record NINE (9) school construction projects in the works, allowing our children to learn securely, safely, and with more room to play and grow.
    • We worked together to gain the approval and funding to build a detox center right here in Frederick.
    • We will continue to fund adjustments to our Senior Services Programs, ensuring Citizens Nursing Home funds and management remains in local hands.
    • We found creative ways to welcome and assist businesses that better our community by creating economic job opportunities right here at home.
    Friends, there is still work to be done.