“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Four years ago, I was elected to the very first Charter government in Frederick County. Although at times we have struggled, we have succeeded in passing good bills and the majority have worked collaboratively to overcome the efforts of those who would like to see this Charter form of government fail.
We have approved four reasonable, fiscally responsible budgets addressing the needs of our community as we have heard from you, the public, without raising the rate of property taxes. We have increased the number of emergency responders, so your safety needs will be better met. We are beginning to address the salary discrepancies of our employee groups compared with those same groups in other counties, so that our workers once trained will remain here. We are building more schools to address overcrowding issues, so our children can learn. We are advancing road, bridge and park projects as well as other amenities which help make Frederick County such a great place to live, work and raise a family. We are working together to address the drug problem in this county, just recently approving the funding for a public/private partnership to build a detox center here in Frederick. And we continue to make changes necessary to address the needs of our growing senior population.
Despite all our challenges, and there have been many, we are moving Frederick County ahead and proving that Charter Government is a benefit to all Frederick County residents. Our economic outlook is promising; we are creating more, and better paying jobs right here at home; our local businesses are thriving. Yet, there is more to be done.