Why re-elect MC?

For the past seven years M.C. Keegan-Ayer has been an integral part of the new Charter form of government here in Frederick County.  M.C. was elected in first in 2014 and again in 2018, to represent District 3 which is the western side of Frederick City and a small portion of the county. M.C.’s district encompasses such diverse neighborhoods as Baker Park, Hillcrest, Amber Meadows, Fort Detrick, Cloverhill 1, 2, and 3, Tuscarora Creek, Clover Ridge, North Crossing, Willowdale, Homewood and Whittier. M.C. has constituents who come from many different countries, who represent many different cultures and who speak a variety of different languages, in addition to English. M.C. proudly embraces the diversity represented by all the people living in her district and refers to her district as Frederick County’s own mini United Nations.  M.C. ‘s constituents cross all age groups with some having school-aged children, soon to be school-aged children as well as seniors living in one of Frederick County’s larger age-restricted communities.

M.C. Keegan-Ayer was elected, running on a platform to change the tone of Frederick County government and to change the way our elected leaders engage the average citizen in the decision-making process. M.C. had a goal of bringing civility and respect back to the conversations and discussions.  M.C. believed that the debate could be heated and full of passion but in the end, people should be able to agree to disagree as long as the discussions were solely focused on the issue and not on the persons involved.  Disagreements are sometimes the best way to find better solutions, as long as people are civil and respectful; as long as everyone remembers that we are all passionate about our own points of view.   Under the leadership of M.C. as President, this Council has proven that it is possible to have strong, spirited debate, but still be able to come together in the end and work to benefit all the residents of Frederick County.

M.C. has long been an advocate for getting people involved, working to actively engage people in decisions that impact their daily lives. M.C.’s efforts ensure the inclusion of those people whose voices have traditionally been limited and have therefore felt marginalized. M.C. has worked tirelessly to safeguard the people living in Council District 3 as well as elsewhere around the county to make sure they are provided a seat at the table and afforded the opportunity to work collaboratively with their elected leaders to have their concerns heard. M.C.’s efforts have extended to ensuring that the decisions being made by the Council are open and transparent to the public, and that the public has a well understood and visible role in this decision-making process.

For the past 20 plus years, M.C. Keegan-Ayer has been involved in county issues, particularly those dealing with education, growth and development. Through M.C.’s advocacy efforts, working collaboratively with the Board of Education and the Board of County Commissioners, she was able to secure funding for a new playground for Waverley Elementary School; to bring about the renovation of West Frederick Middle School, the rebuilding of Lincoln ES as well as Frederick High School. She began advocating for a new school to relieve the horrendous overcrowding at Hillcrest ES. As a result of this advocacy the new Butterfly Ridge ES was opened in 2018. M.C. worked with the County Executive to find the funds to build the over-sized gym on the school which allows Frederick City’s Parks and Rec to operate programs for the benefit of the community.

As a result of her recent efforts, the new branch library for western Frederick City has been advanced five years earlier in the County Executive’s proposed CIP budget for FY’23.  She was instrumental in getting a COVID testing clinic opened on the Golden Mile to allow people living in that area to walk to the testing site because they didn’t always have a vehicle to go elsewhere for testing.  She was also able to get the mobile health care van to make numerous site visits to places along the Golden Mile to bring the COVID testing and vaccinations to the people to ensure better health metrics for Frederick County.

M.C. has a well-earned, proven reputation as a strong advocate for our schools, our students, our communities, and all the residents of District 3.  Throughout her more than seven years of guiding the Council, M.C. has shown she has the effective leadership skills necessary to continue to steer the Council as the government undergoes yet another change in leadership with the election of a new County Executive.  M.C. has proven her ability to guide with a steady hand, to balance the needs of many and to provide the security necessary to continue to move Frederick County forward through these uncertain times, coming out of this pandemic.  We need to re-elect M.C. to represent District 3 on the County Council.