On Planning and Growth

M.C. Keegan-Ayer has been a visible presence in the community for many years.

She began her advocacy efforts while her children were still babies and they are now all grown. After more than 20 years of advocating on behalf of schools and neighborhoods, M.C. is extremely well versed on development issues in our community. She understands the importance of growth to a strong vibrant Frederick County economy. But she also knows that uncontrolled, poorly planned growth ends up costing all residents both in time and money – money, through increased taxes to pay for the necessary infrastructure improvements to address the additional population; and time wasted as people sit in traffic on congested roadways. M.C. Keegan-Ayer knows it takes careful planning to maintain a well-organized strategy for growth and development; a strategy that does not infringe on the rights of current residents, businesses and property owners, while protecting the thriving family friendly culture that makes Frederick such a vibrant place to live, all while making sure that we protect our rich history as a county.  Well thought-out, planned, deliberative growth can provide jobs and revenue to help our county thrive.  But M.C. knows that the decisions being made today will have ramifications sometimes years into the future so she knows it is imperative that we be diligent and mindful now, so the future of Frederick remains bright.  She knows we need to make sure we are preserving the things that make Frederick County so special and unique  – the things that attract people here, the farmland and the green space, the parks, the beautiful nature and all the history, while also ensuring that we are also providing opportunities for people to work close to where they live to reduce time spent on the road.  M.C. has been able to balance those needs as demonstrated by her votes over the past seven years.  It’s a balance and M.C. has proven over and over she can balance the need to grow with the need to preserve and protect.  She knows how to “walk the walk”.