On Advocacy

M.C. Keegan-Ayer has long been a voice for engaging the community, and has often been the voice for those who felt voiceless.

M.C. has the knowledge, the experience and the proven ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups to resolve problems and get things done. During her tenure on the Council, first as the Vice President, and now as the President,  she has been tasked with reaching out to various stakeholder groups to build coalitions, find consensus, resolve differences and craft compromises. She successfully navigates the opposition to resolve concerns and pass legislation effectively moving Frederick County forward. Time after time, M.C. has demonstrated her ability for working with residents to help them find their voice, allowing them to more effectively advocate for the issues that concern them, enabling them to reach their goals. 

While M.C. has the experience to know that “one size does not fit all” she also understands how the pieces all fit together, using her historical knowledge and understanding of how government works to help others advocate more effectively.   M.C. instinctively understands how to build coalitions resulting collaborations and in better decisions that benefit the community, allowing the residents to attain a quality of life they envision for their specific community.