About MC

M.C. has served on the Frederick County Council for two terms effectively representing the various communities that make up District 3.  She served as the Council Vice President for the first term and has been the President of the Council during her second term.  As part of the Council leadership, M.C. helped to develop and refine the procedures the Council uses to conduct all of its business.  As President, her mission has been to get the Council Members to interact and engage respectfully with each other, and collaborate on their legislative efforts.  She spends countless hours coordinating with the Administration to ensure that the Council Members have access to all the information necessary to make their decisions in a timely and efficient manner.  The meetings run smoothly and the Council is able to effectively make decisions, even complex ones, because of the work M.C. does in advance of every meeting.  Working with the County Executive and Vice President Michael Blue, she has established effective and efficient procedures and a clear path for future Councils to follow to work collaboratively for the benefit of all residents of Frederick County.

As the President, M.C. is responsible for running the meetings, establishing the agendas, and for all long term planning of the Council’s calendar.  She remains in constant communication with the Administrative branch to know what is coming up that will need Council engagement, discussion and decisions, as well as the timelines needed to be met, thereby ensuring all items are dealt with in full compliance with state law or the Charter. Under her leadership, the Council has successfully met all Charter requirements for standing up a Charter Review Committee, a Salary Review Committee and a Redistricting Committee, and that the Council addressed the recommendations contained in each of the committee reports according to the mandates of the Charter.

For District 3

M.C. has successfully and effectively advocated for several big-ticket items for District 3 during her tenure on the Council.  Most recently, she was able to get the branch library for the western side of Frederick City included in the County Executive’s proposed Capital Improvement Programs budget (CIP) a full five years ahead of schedule.  While waiting for this library, M.C. was able to get a Book Mobile, a mobile library van, to adjust its route to make several stops within the communities along the Golden Mile thereby ensuring those residents had easy access to books, videos, tapes and other services that the library offers.

M.C. was instrumental in getting the funding through for Butterfly Ridge ES in the same year as Sugarloaf ES in Urbana, and the new Waverley ES, which is being built much larger than all other elementary schools in Frederick County due to the needs of the population living in the immediate vicinity of that particular school.  She worked to get a testing clinic opened on the Golden Mile to address the health needs of the community, a community that does not have easy access to cars, allowing them to walk to get tested for COVID instead of finding some other form of transportation.

Collaborating with the County Executive, M.C. was also able to secure regular visits from the mobile health care van to address the significant health disparities, providing health opportunities for her constituents.

M.C. introduced and secured passage of several bills to help the businesses in the vicinity of Route 40. These efforts included a bill giving tax incentives to small businesses to locate, relocate or expand on the Golden Mile and a bill establishing a Business Enterprise Zone over the entire area of the Golden Mile which makes the businesses eligible for low interest loans to revitalize their facility or expand.  Both of these bills have the added benefit potential of also creating additional job opportunities for the residents of this area – jobs within walking distance of their homes.  M.C. has been extremely busy during her time on the Council effectively working for the residents of District 3.

M.C.’s Brief Bio:

M.C. moved to Frederick County more than 35 years ago with her husband Brent Ayer. They have three children, Brendan, Alex, and Brigid, all graduates of Frederick County Public Schools. M.C. worked part-time as a staffer in the campaign office of Congresswoman Beverly Byron after working for 10 years on Capitol Hill. M.C. served on the HOA in her neighborhood, in various roles, including President. She joined the PTA of her children’s schools and continued to work on the PTAs for over 20 years in various capacities. She also served on the PTA Council of Frederick County, first as Chair of the Legislative Issues Committee, and later as the 2nd Vice President in charge of all legislative issues and advocacy efforts.

M.C. Keegan-Ayer graduated from Bridgewater College, Bridgewater VA, with a degree in Education. She taught first grade for two years before leaving to work on Capitol Hill for ten years, first as a Legislative Assistant, then as a Legislative Director, and finished up as a lobbyist for an organization representing workers from across the U.S.