Voted for more funding for Frederick County Public Schools, providing salary increases for all staff and new innovating programming, such as the LYNX program at Frederick High School;

Led advocacy efforts to modernize schools in Frederick City, like West Frederick Middle School, Frederick High School, Lincoln Elementary, and the new Butterfly Ridge Elementary;

Ensured that the funding for Butterfly Ridge Elementary School included the oversize gym for community use;

Regularly attends NAC meetings to hear first-hand from District 3 constituents and resolve local issues, such as:

    • sidewalk issues along Opossumtown Pike and Butterfly Lane,
    • dust, debris and parking issues during the construction of Butterfly Ridge Elementary School
    • streetlight issues at various places around the City,
    • speeding issues in various neighborhoods in the City and in the County, and
    • flooding issues in the Clover Hill area
    • permitting issues for businesses looking to relocate or expand;

Sponsored the legislation that enacted a Small Business Tax Credit for local businesses with 5 or more employees;

Sponsored the legislation that established the Golden Mile Business Enterprise Zone, allowing businesses in this area of the City to take advantage of low-interest loans to improve their businesses;

Ensured passage of Commercial and Industrial Business Tax Credit legislation;

Supported the legislation to retain the county’s Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Home, honoring the terms of the orignal deed and keeping our promise to our citizens;

Voted each year for fiscally responsible budgets funding critical needs, such as hiring more emergency response personnel (sheriff’s deputies, fire fighters, EMTs, and 9-1-1 call takers), addressing school overcrowding, or adding libraries and new county parks – ALL while maintaining the current property tax rate and not increasing taxes;

Sponsored green energy legislation permitting solar arrays on agricultural land under specific conditions while ensuring protection of our county’s most productive and valuable farmlands;

Voted to strengthen our county’s ethics laws, ensuring open and transparent government and maintaining the public trust;

As Vice-President of the County Council, M.C. ensures that the County Council operates within their Rules and Procedures and according to the adopted charter, and assists the President with maintaining regular order, so meetings can be productive and civil;

Serves on these community Boards and Commissions:

Commission on Aging – where she advocates for additional funding and programs which support Frederick County’s senior population, allowing them to remain in their homes longer and live healthier, high quality lives;

Coalition on Homelessness and the Frederick Community Action Agency – where she works to address issues relating to homelessness and poverty in Frederick County.  Voted to increase funding for Community Partnership Grants, providing funding to Frederick County non-profit organizations to provide programming and direct services for vulnerable residents;

Citizens Containment Laboratory Advisory Committee (CCLAC) – where she monitors issues relating to containment labs in Frederick County, including Ft. Detrick, and continues to work to establish a registry of these labs with the state Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene in case of an emergency;

Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) Legislative Committee and the Education Subcommittee (3 years) – where she monitors legislation at the State level to ensure the best interests of Frederick County are protected and that Frederick County maintains control over local issues;  elected President of the Women of MACO (August 2018).